Defining space in open floor plans

The Connected Collection started, fittingly, as an email exchange between designers and project partners in New York, Atlanta and Dallas. Ideas traveling at the speed of light, bouncing and building off each other – about how today’s workspaces balance technology and community, mobility and the need for defined spaces.

Floorplans are adaptive, accommodating work around teams and projects, public and private areas. And visual cues can help maximize the potential of any given space. As the email string grew, so did the possibilities. So Mannington teamed up with Corgan Associates to develop a collection of modular carpet that would bring new ways for designers to define interior spaces.

“As office environments have become more open – with less traditional hard wall construction and an increase of flexible furniture elements – the opportunities that designers have to delineate spaces have changed,” said Lindsay Wilson of Corgan, the lead designer of the collection.

“But with this change, how do you keep the design... connected?"

Along with Emily Ellis and Stephen Park of Corgan and the product development team at Mannington, Lindsay designed the Connected Collection – made up of five modular patterns in complex layers of texture and color. Each design emphasizes the natural stitch lines of carpet as a unifying principle, along with three to four layers of graphic images and textures that give a handmade, elegant quality to the carpet.

The patterns work independently, or in a coordinated design element that can provide separation, wayfinding and visual clues to function of the workspace.

"A change in pattern, texture, directionality or color can cue a user to a shift in use and attitude – moving from quiet ‘heads down’ work areas to more energized social spaces – all while staying connected to the total design,” Lindsay said.

Connected Collection – Designed by Corgan for open spaces – 5 modular patterns in complex layers of texture and color.

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